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An Elephant Never Forgets
Burt the elephant wants the penguins to help him break out of the zoo. They make up a plan to distract Alice, disguising Burt as an ice cream truck. Then, they find papers on the wall behind a stack of hay. What is Burt planning to do and can they return Burt to the zoo?

Gut Instinct
A woman named Gladys sneaks various snacks to the zoo animals. All the animals appreciate her, except for the lemurs, who Gladys believes are cats and are given cat food. Gladys slips on a mango pit in front of the lemur habitat and hurts her arm. Julien is faulted by the other animals for throwing the pit into her path. Did Julien do it for revenge in her ill-conceived food?

Operation: Good Deed
After the penguins witness a boy returning a dropped dollar to a man and calling it his “good deed for the day,” Skipper decides that the team will seek to increase the frequency of their own good deeds. After two failed attempts at assisting zoo visitors, the penguins seek a good deed with Marlene. But it required succeeding good deeds with Julien, Burt the elephant, Bada and Bing the gorillas, and an unconscious pizza boy. Can the penguins made it a good deeds day by delivering the pizzas within 30 minutes?